My name is Talia and I'm currently a Senior Software engineer at HubSpot. Some time ago I agreed to be photographed with some other women on the HubSpot Product team. This resulted in the photo above. A little word to the wise - if you're having pictures taken of you for promotional materials, do not speak during the photoshoot. They will catch you mid-sentence, and then your little turtle face will show up everywhere. Learn from my mistakes.

Anyways, I attended Northeastern University, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I love building sweet products for happy customers, and HubSpot is the place I love to do it every day. I haven't built many things of my own, but this sweet sweet site is a ~*~*very~*~*~ basic template that you might use if you were in the market to build out your own personal website. Tabs, styling, the works. Google + bootstrap are your new best friends.